Digital Map

Digital Map

There are many front doors to a brand’s web site – from search to the social network maze. Creating a content map helps determine where and how your content is discovered by your customers. When setting up the sites I had a couple goals in mind –> (1) clear voice and intent for each site … and (2) don’t create an echo chamber! I’ve seen too many companies jump into social media without mapping out a strategy of just how to use their sites.

I’ve been deep in Social Media since it came about – as a Microsoft employee and in my private life.  At Microsoft there were guidelines, and policies, and rigor, and one-way dialogs and … you get the picture. For some products it worked – for some not so much.  Hands down the Developer Division – my last home at Microsoft – were awesome social networkers without even knowing it.  Like gamers – they were just doing what they do.  Collaborate, have a dialog, get excited about their code and share it with the universe. They didn’t necessarily “color within the lines” – and as a result there is a rich community of developers with a vibrant social network.  It was inspiring and fun to be a part of it – I learned a lot there about what works and what doesn’t.

So here I am with my small business – and a ton of experience working for huge products, huge communities and a huge company – and I look at my own social network map and think ACK IT’S EMPTY! You have to start somewhere – so this is where I’m starting. I’ve been noodling this for a while and  sketched out a rough map and plan for my content.

I know this will morph in time – but it’s a good start. – Sharon

Content Map