Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendars are a great tool for managing and scheduling new content for your web site or blog. They can be as detailed as you want them to be – or be a simple summary of overall content themes for the year.

I have used various iterations of editorial calendars and have found them to be an invaluable tool.  You can track:

  • Go live dates
  • Draft progression
  • Authors
  • Themes
  • Content Types (blog posts, website pages, videos, tweets, …)
  • Topics
  • Keywords
  • Image files
  • Related links
  • Embargoed content

Pair this with your site analytics and you can make informed decisions on the timing of new content to be published, as well as, the type of content your customers are “clicking”.   When managing a large developer website and associated blogs, I used an Editorial Calendar ALOT so I could keep track of the product launches, press release announcements, blog tutorials, videos of the events, the list was very long with many complexities to track for each piece.

With each client project I use a custom version of this editorial calendar and find them to be a critical tool in successfully managing a client’s brand and engagement with its customers.