Resources for Launching a Website or Blog

There are a handful of key resources we’ve used over the years that have come in handy when creating or revising a website or blog.

I’ve worked with many Content Management Services and find myself typically landing back with WordPress for the work I’ve done as a consultant. It’s a robust publishing system that has a strong and vibrant community behind it. I love how it’s morphed from being just that place where you put your blog – to a place I can use for all types of companies.

Google Analytics

I find that Google Analytics meet the needs of not only my own business, but also for my clients. The data (along with customer feedback) help me fine tune the web properties I manage in a way that increases visits and return visitors.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Heaven . . . bliss . . . ahhh . . . while I rely on Illustrator, Photoshop and Muse heavily – Creative Cloud is just so much more. I’ve barely scratched the surface of using all the amazing products offered in Creative Cloud. So much to learn and explore. Their subscription based model makes it easier for me download products and keep my tools up-to-date.

Lorem Ipsum

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Hands down THE most used resource for me as a web professional. As crazy as that may seem, when I don’t use Lorem Ipsum I instantly regret it! Doing rounds of reviews of wireframes, comps, prototypes – the power of “Lorem Ipsum” keeps your clients/stakeholders focused on what you want them to focus on. The moment (and I’ve made this mistake) you start using “real words” the focus is on the words and not on the UI, UX, layout, design, … has been a permanent bookmark of mine for well over 10 years now.

Nielsen Norman Group

So much great information and resources out there for us content/web/usability geeks. I find myself going back to Nielsen Norman as a good refresher and to see what new research they’ve done that I can leverage with my clients. It’s a great read and even better resource.